Hours Worked Calculator :


A good manager is one who utilizes the scarce resources of a company in best possible way. There are a lot of people working in a company. The company pays to them for their work. Managers now can use hours worked calculator to pay the fair amount of salaries to the employees.


As everyone knows that the human part of the organization is most important and in modern terms it is called the human capital or psychological capital. This human capital can be utilized in best manner to bring the company or business up. If an employee is working hard but not receives the fair salary due to any mistake in his attendance then there is a risk of employee turnover.

To avoid this now an employee time sheet is being prepared which keeps record of the details of employees regarding the work done by him. Time started for shift, lunch break and the ending time of shift is entered in the time sheet on daily basis. And at the end of month or week wagers are calculated by the manager through hours worked calculator.


Time and attendance system of a company should be flexible to decide what options to be included and excluded? Your data calculated must be shown in decimal notation. Decimal notation refers to a base 10 positional notation.

How it works?

Before using hours worked calculator managers calculate the time sheet hours of employees for starting time, ending time, lunch breaks and over times. To calculate daily or weekly hours enter start time, end time, lunch and overtime. Then calculate all the attendance entries to sum up. The sum will be shown in decimal points. By calculating this data manager will be able to pay the salaries to each individual employee on the basis of hours calculated.

How to export hours worked calculated data?

If manager wants to keep the record of pay roll data of employees then he can print the resulted calculations in a hard form. And if he wants to keep the record in soft form he can save the report as PDF file.

How to do the settings of the calculator?
  • Time can be set in the calculator in the form of 12 hours or 24 hours.
  • Week starting days are selected as Monday to Sunday.
  • It is used with or without ‘am’ or ‘pm’.
  • Monthly or weekly calculations are being set.
  • Lunch breaks are being set.
  • Settings are being saved daily.
Is it better to outsource payroll process?

Payroll process is like a challenge to every organization. A small businessman who has to perform multiple tasks himself can outsource the payroll process. Though there are different apps available on INTERNET  but it is difficult for small business owner to keep the record of work hours.

There are payroll processing companies that keep charge of your payroll cash and calculate the salaries, taxes and deductions. They prepare payroll reports for the management.