Pedicure Near Me To Polish The Beauty

Think of a person who is dressed up well, has an alluring hairstyle, wearing a stylish jewelry but when you look at his feet they are not properly done. How would you feel? Feet could be the first thing people might notice during their first meeting ever. So always give importance to your feet as well. Your beauty is incomplete without doing your feet properly. Here, in this article, we will shed some light over the services provided during pedicure at Nail salons and some of the salons providing best services of Pedicure near me.

Pedicure as a Superlative Service:

The word pedicure is derived from Latin word ‘Pedis’ and ‘cura’ which means of the foot and care respectively. The basic purpose of a pedicure is to care for your feet to make them more exquisite.

Pedicure Near Me

The pedicure is a treatment in which your feet are scrubbed with a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells. The pedicure is not just confined to treating the toenails it also includes the services of leg care below the knee, granular peeling, applying moisturizing cream and the leg massage now.

The pedicure is not new as the people started pedicuring their nails 4000 years back. It kept growing and now different services mentioned above were being included. Now this has become a separate industry. If we talk about the United States, there are nearly 200,000 nails salons and spas are working.

Pedicure treatment takes forty-five minutes to one hour. It is a smoothing and relaxing process that ends up at beautiful, neat and clean feet. If I want to get my nails done, fix my cracked heels and give the nails a new shape this is the time to go for a pedicure near me to get all these services. So, kick your heel up and enjoy the cool and relaxing services of the pedicure.

Let’s take a look at how the pedicure is done in a salon to give the feet a beautiful and charming look.

The first and the foremost thing before going to take advantages of services provided by salons it is necessary to make sure that the salon is providing quality services and the equipment used is completely sterilized. The pedicure starts from:

  • In first step old nail polished is removed with nail remover.
  • Then both your feet are soaked in warm water.
  • One by one the pedicure expert takes your feet and scrubs it to exfoliate the dead cells from skin.
  • Then exfoliant cream is applied to your feet.
  • Dry your feet with a towel.
  • Then he/she cuts your nail with the nail clipper.
  • Then a tool called orange stick is used to clean out the dirt underneath your nails.
  • Then with the help of cuticle nippers, broken skin is nipped away.
  • And then nails are brushed to make it cleaner.
  • Then a massage is done on your legs and feet.
  • Then with cotton pad massage oiled is removed.
  • Then powder is used to dust the feet, and your nails are buffed
  • In the end, after applying nail polish, you must keep opening your feet for at least 10 minutes.

Pedicures in the United States:

Pedicure industry started growing in the year 2000 in America. Here, is a list of some salons providing pedicure near me in the United States of America.

  • Pink Nail:

Pink Nail is providing detailed pedicure services. According to reviews of people who have done nails there, this is providing the long lasting services.

Address: 808 Western Ave Ste 213 Los Angeles.

Phone: (213)-500-9849

  • Angel Baby Nail:

It ensures the best quality services and a nice selection of Gel colors that makes your feet look more attractive and allure.

Address: 471 N Lake Ave Pasadena California.

Phone: (626)-585-8889

  • Jessica the Clinic:

The clients might feel that they have entered in some clinic. The nail technicians are in proper uniforms like nurses and are true professionals. Jessica The clinic provide excellent pedicure in a relaxed environment.

Address: 8627 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood California.

Phone: (310)-659-9292

  • Luxe Nail and Spa Boutique:

Lovely services, nail technicians welcome customers with smile and most important thing satisfactory services to the customers this is the Luxe Nail and Spa Boutique.

Address: 5412-Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles.

Phone: (323)-549-9866


  • Tutti Nails and Spa:

To provide healthy and standardized services the Tutti Nails and Spa is there for you. Sanitized equipment and new tools for each customer are the best they provide.

Address: 27 N 6th St Brooklyn New York.

Phone: (718) – 782-1112