Haircuts For Boys:


If you are tired with your boring hairstyle, then change your look and get a new trendy hairstyle of 2016. If you want to modify  your look, then go through some cool Haircuts For Boys. The spikes and bleached shaggy sort of styles are no more in fashion. Go with the stylish and elegant cuts which have taken the fashion to a new level. There are so many hairstyles which are in 2016 trend and makes a difficult decision regarding hair. The hairstyles of 2016 can easily be adapted, and style your hair with various standard hair products. You will surely look great and love your new look with the trendy style. Pick the best hair style for yourself and look cool. Following are the types of haircuts which are in 2016 fashion.

Classic Taper:

It is one of the top hair do for the boys because the hairstyle needs low maintenance and less styling. The hair do is very classy and one of the modern haircuts for boys.It does not bother you much and looks good with the trendy spiked texture. In this style, the sides and back of the head hair are more shaved than the top of the head. The long hair of the top head can be style with comb or gel. The cut goes well with the boys having oval faces, healthy check bones, and short foreheads.

Long Buzz-cut:

If you are tired with your long hair and wants to go for short hair, then do consider long buzz cut. It is an excellent choice for boys. It makes the hair very short and looks good especially on the boys who are much involved in sports and other energy activities. You do not have to stress much for styling this cut because it demands little care. The cut looks natural and goes well with the boy shaving oval faces, strong  jaw-lines, and short foreheads.haircuts for boys


It is the most classy and trendy hair look of 2016. The cut is almost similar like a classic taper because the sides and back of the hair-remain short, and top of the head hair stays long. Style your hair in the backward shape instead of making spikes.

The boys having curly hair can make the undercut style very quickly. You have to style your hair with gel. The teen boys look classy with the undercut style. It looks best on the boys who have strong jawlines and long faces.

Straight Shag:

The hair style is popular among the teenage boys because of Justin Bieber. It looks best on the boys who have straight hair. You do not need any gel  to style it so just have a natural look. Boys with long curly hair will need a straightener to make a straight shag. It goes best with the boys having long faces, high foreheads, and round cheeks.

Wavy  Shag:

It is the casual look and does not even need brushing. The boys having long wavy hair can easily make this style. Boys who have thick, wavy hair, sharp cheek bones and high foreheads look best in this cut.

Military Style Haircut:

It is the best and popular hairstyle among the African-American boys.The body builders often implement the Military haircut. The cut depicts a strong and powerful personality. It is different from the butch cut because of very short hair.Hair is long on the top of the head.


One of the modern haircuts for boys which are back in trend after a long time. Teen boys mostly adopt it with the tidy and trim look.Style your head top hair in the backward direction. Just make a puff-look with little mousse instead of keeping your hair tight and firm. It requires much care especially when boys have silky and straight hair. The boys look classy in this style.

Burr Cut:

Burr cut is very trendy style, especially during summer. The barber uses a razor for the cut. It did not require any maintenance or styling with gel . The style is very much similar to the butch cut and can easily be made by an electric razor. If you have practice using the electric razor,then you can do the haircut at your home easily. You just have to keep the top hair bit long then the sides and back of the head hair.


The styles and Haircuts for boys keep on changing with the ongoing trends and the fashion. In the early ages,boys were not concerned about the hairstyles and different haircuts. They do prefer to go casual, but those days are over now. Now a  days boys are more concern about fashion and trend. They keep themselves up to date and do not prefer to have an outdated hairstyle.