Calculate My Hours:

It is important for every manager to calculate the working hours of an employee to get the actual cost of employee. There may be dispute at the time of making payment of salaries to employees. To avoid this and to make sure that they are not being underpaid employees ask the manager that Calculate my hours.

Actual Cost Of Employees:

Employees are the most important part of organization. They do the work for organization to achieve its goals. At the time of orientation the human resource managers clearly explain the work hours, shifts and all salary related issues.

To calculate the actual cost of employee manager must make sure that the right person for the right job is being assigned. By assigning tasks according to the abilities of employees will help to determine what amount of salary must be given to which employee.

It is said that employees receive more than hourly wage. If a manager is not keeping records of the employees work hours then many problems may arise. The employee might be overpaid which is good for employee in a sense but a problem for manager.

The employee might be underpaid and in this case employee will lose money for work done by him. And a dispute may arise. To avoid this situation employee ask the manager to calculate my hours I do work.

calculate my hours

How to calculate my work hours?

Working hours are the hours in which an employee in within the premises of the company (workplace) and is on duty. Duty times, shifts, overtimes etc are discussed at the time of recruitment of employees. All these must be set according to labor laws of the country. For calculating work hours is a step by step process. To calculate my hours follow these steps:

Step 1:

In step 1 count the time an employee started work till the time he/she end the work. For instance if an employee works from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm then by counting his work hours are eight hours.

Step 2:

Consult to the payroll department to convert your working hours in decimal form. That will help to approximate the hours of work done.

Step 3:

In step 3 find out the overtimes an employee worked during a week or month. These are also the part of working hours.

Step 4:

Then figure out the pay scales of an employee if he is working on different pays. One is as full time pay and other as part time pay.

Step 5:          

Maintain the record of the employee on monthly or weekly basis. Draw worksheets or use calculator to calculate the sums payable to employees.

Use Of  Work  Hour  Calculator:

Employer may also use calculator or apps available to calculate work hours.A spreadsheet or worksheet is prepared to keep record of daily attendance of employees and in calculator data is inserted. The calculator shows the results in decimal numbers. Rules are decided first if a person forgets to clock in and clock out.